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Student Support Services

Student Support Services (SSS) is a federally-funded TRIO grant program that supports first-generation and income-qualified students as well as students with a disability.

Through our personalized services, we assist students in successfully navigating college, understanding the culture, and discovering their paths in life.

The students of SSS are hard-working, resilient, passionate, and eager to give back to their families and communities.  They are juggling jobs and home responsibilities with college, where no one in their family has ventured before.  Meaning, there is no one to give advice or share in these experiences. Instead, they are navigating these unknown territories because for them, being the first in your family is having determination beyond measure and intent for something greater, something they may have never seen before but know deep down is possible.

As a federally funded program, we are bound by restrictive regulations when it comes to our funding and so we are left with limitations and large gaps.  Your donation to Student Support Services will help us fund the costs of graduate and career preparation work.  Our hope is to help students pay for expenses such as graduate entrance exams, graduate school applications, and stipends for unpaid internships.  Your donation would mean alleviating the stress of these added expenses while also helping to serve other program needs that we cannot support with our restricted funding.

Your choice to support Student Support Services is appreciated - thank you!

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