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Community Counseling Services

Our clinics use a sliding fee scale. But for some, even our lowest fee provides a barrier to services. So this year, Cal Lutheran's Community Counseling Services Oxnard implemented a program to provide free psychological services to clients who can’t afford services.

We aim to establish a fund of $10,000 that we will draw upon to access funds for our west Ventura clients coming from Oxnard, Ventura, Camarillo, Santa Paula, and Port Hueneme.

Each donation of $25 provides a free session to a child or adult at Community Counseling Services Oxnard. The university matches each $25 gift with an additional $63, which completely covers the cost of a session. For example, a donation of $200 provides therapy for eight sessions, covering the cost of two months of free counseling. 

Please consider a donation of $25, $75, $200, or what you can afford. The funds will go directly toward the Oxnard clinic and free services to the children and adults needing mental health services. 

"I have been working in Ventura County for 15 years in non-profit settings that provide clinical services to all types of populations. Community Counseling Services Oxnard clearly fills a need for clients with limited resources and few options for mental health care. Your donation allows us to continue to help the children and adults who come to our clinics for psychological counseling."

— Patricia Yabu, LCSW, Director, Community Counseling Services


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