Men's Basketball

Cal Lutheran Men's Basketball represents a commitment to building a championship program on and off the court. With your support, we can continue to build the culture of competitiveness, tradition, and community that are central to Cal Lutheran Athletics and our program. This culture – this drive to live up to and exceed the standards set by those who came before them – is passed on from athlete to athlete and from one generation to the next. 

In Cal Lutheran Athletics, we are building champions day by day on and off the court. With your support, we will take a trip to the east coast next year to play Randolph-Macon (2022 National Champions), Stevenson University, and Hood College.  This trip will include visits to numerous historical sites between Richmond, VA and Philadelphia, PA providing a unique experience for the student athletes as well as broadening our CLU recruitment opportunities. We will always strive to create memories on AND off the court that last forever!

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