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Student Employment

Student engagement on campus matters!  

Student Employment is a powerful tool for supporting student success and professional development. Research and data show that students who work on campus are more engaged and graduate at higher rates.  

We are raising funds to increase the number and diversity of positions we can offer students on campus. 

By supporting student employment, you are helping to enrich a student's education while also helping to fund their education.

"Being a student worker at Cal Lutheran has been something I hold close to my heart. I have been able to work in multiple offices on campus and meet a number of amazing people. I now work with Student Support Services where I have been granted many opportunities from participating in their summer bridge program to representing TRIO programs across the country. I know just like me many other students have been given these opportunities and continuing to offer these positions is crucial in allowing students to build their social and professional development."

Aaron Acevedo ‘23

Working on campus at Cal Lutheran has been one of the greatest opportunities and experiences I have received. I started my freshman year and my job at Academic Services has seen me grow up in a quick span of four years both mentally and academically. My schedules have always been flexible, I could have class every day and only have a few short breaks in between of 2 hours and I would fit perfectly into the schedule. Having an on-campus job made everything easier because I wouldn’t have to drive back and forth from campus to get to my job. My supervisors have always been the most amazing individuals and acknowledged my success in the workplace but have also given me advice for improvement. I highly recommend an on-campus job for incoming or current students looking to gain experience but also want to get paid for working a few hours a week and not overstress themselves when it comes to balancing school and work.

- Valeria Rodriguez ‘23  - Academic Services

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