Student Support Services

Student Support Services (SSS) and the McNair Scholars Program are federally-funded TRIO grant programs that support first-generation; income-qualified; underrepresented students; as well as students with a disability.  Through our personalized services, we assist students in successfully navigating college, understanding the culture, discovering their paths in life and preparing them for graduate studies.

The students of SSS and McNair are hard-working, resilient, passionate, and eager to give back to their families and communities.  Being first in their family to go to college, means no one in their family has ventured this road before and so they are moving forward in a space without advice from loved ones who have shared in these experiences.  For many, they are juggling jobs and home responsibilities with college.  These students are navigating these unknown territories because for them, being the first in your family is about dreaming further and imaging the unknown as a possibility.

As federally funded programs, we are bound by restrictive regulations when it comes to our funding and so we are left with limitations and large gaps.  Your donation to Student Support Services and the McNair Scholars Program will help us fund the costs of a cap and gown for an SSS or McNair graduating senior.  Currently, a student must pay $102.00+ tax to cover the cost of their cap and gown.  For a student in our program, this costly expense means more stress and worry.  

Your donation would alleviate that stress while also helping to serve other program needs that we cannot support with our restricted funding.  Help us make the dream of being the first in their family a reality, by funding the cost of a cap and gown and providing the elements this story of perseverance deserves. 


Your choice to support Student Support Services and McNair Scholars Program is appreciated and we thank you tremendously!

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