Community Scholars for Black Lives Fellowship

Community Scholars for Black Lives Fellowship ProgramLeft to right: Jon Gustin '26, Avya Pandhi '26, Devon Goosby '26, Angela Abalo '26, Davian Gonzalez '26; Photo: Obinna Anyanwu

Cal Lutheran created this program in 2020 to empower students to develop projects designed to strengthen the Black community. With the Amgen Foundation as its major funder, the program was inspired by the challenge from North Central University in Minnesota to establish memorial scholarships in George Floyd’s name.

Fall 2023 will represent the fourth cohort of students who engage in work that embodies progress toward a just society. The program features scholarship, mentorship and community partnerships.

Angela Abalo '26 

Fatherhood Renaissance

The Fatherhood Renaissance initiative endeavors to confront the historical challenges faced by African American communities. By emphasizing the empowerment and active participation of fathers, this initiative aims to catalyze positive transformations in the lives of children, fortify family foundations, and advance the broader social and economic prosperity of black society. 

Davian Gonzalez ’26

Bringing the College Experience to Local Underserved Communities

The college fair is an engagement opportunity designed to encourage and inspire high school students in underserved communities to find their passion and desire for life through college programs.

Devon Goosby ’26

Conversations on Equity and Justice in Sports

 This in-depth look at equity and justice in sports will examine unfair disparities and discrimination. The analysis will also highlight new initiatives in the sports world that promote inclusivity and fair opportunities for all athletes.

Avya Pandhi ’26

Not Black and White: “Celebrating Black Excellence and Addressing Racial Inequality” 

“Not Black and White” is an initiative that promotes equity, understanding, and unity through critical dialogue and education. “Not Black and White” will stand as a powerful testament to the rich tapestry of Black excellence while challenging stereotypes.       

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