Student Research

One of the most successful aspects of the student experience at Cal Lutheran is our commitment to student research and hands-on learning. Through a combination of generous donor gifts and one-time grant funding, we regularly support over 60 students in full-time summer research each year

With your support we can sustain and increase this level of commitment to students. Your contributions will fund new fellowships that cover student stipends, much needed lab equipment, instructional supplies, travel, conference registration fees, survey expenses, books, and poster materials.

Heart of Gold Challenge
An incredibly generous anonymous donor—who wants to inspire Cal Lutheran students, staff, faculty, alumni, families, Regents, other donors, and the entire Cal Lutheran community—will release a $1 Million Dollar Estate Gift when the Cal Lutheran Cares Day leaderboard crosses the $650,000 mark—honoring our 65th anniversary—in support of any cause on the leaderboard through midnight tonight!
Swenson Scholars Research Challenge
The Swenson Family Foundation will release this gift of $97,000 when 100 donations of $50 or more are made to Student Research
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