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Men's Soccer

Cal Lutheran Men's Soccer represents a commitment to championship experiences and a drive to win. With your support, we can continue to build the culture of competitiveness, tradition, and community that are central to Cal Lutheran Athletics. This culture – this drive to live up to and exceed the standards set by those who came before them – is passed on from athlete to athlete, and from one generation to the next. With your support, we are building champions.

El equipo de fútbol de Cal Lutheran representa un compromiso con los campeonatos y ganas de ganar. Con su apoyo, podemos continuar construyendo la cultura de competitividad, tradición y comunidad que son fundamentales para el departamento de atletismo de Cal Lutheran. Esta cultura, este deseo de estar a la altura y superar los estándares establecidos por quienes los precedieron, se transmite de atleta a atleta y de una generación a la siguiente. Con su apoyo, estamos construyendo campeones.

Milt and Debbie Valera Matching Challenge
Unlock $25,000 to the Presidential Strategic Initiatives Fund when a total of $25,000 is made to any Cares Day fund by 7 pm on Cares Day, thanks to the generosity of Milt and Debbie Valera.
$25,000 / $25,000 Raised
Athletics Leaderboard
Rank Team/Fund Raised
1 Football $58,791.60
2 Women's Water Polo $22,375.00
3 Men's Basketball $21,815.60
4 Baseball $20,665.00
5 Men's Soccer $17,035.00
6 Women's Soccer $16,040.00
7 Men's Golf $15,503.00
8 Women's Golf $13,947.00
9 Softball $12,990.00
10 Cross Country / Track & Field $12,535.00
11 Athletic Training $10,505.00
12 Men's Water Polo $10,340.00
13 Women's Volleyball $9,446.20
14 Men's Volleyball $9,275.00
15 Women in Sport $6,890.00
16 Women's Tennis $6,530.00
17 Swim & Dive $6,375.00
18 Men's Tennis $5,075.00
19 Women's Basketball $4,950.00
20 Champions Fund $2,200.00
21 Women's Lacrosse $1,121.00
22 Cheerleading $400.00
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