Cal Lutheran students are reaching for the stars in their efforts to solve some of the world’s challenges. For our better future and theirs, let’s help them get there!

One of the most successful aspects of the student experience at Cal Lutheran is our commitment to student research and hands-on learning. Through a combination of generous donor gifts and one-time grant funding, we supported over 60 students in full-time research in 2021. With your support we can sustain and increase this level of commitment to students. Your contributions will fund new fellowships that cover student stipends, much needed lab equipment, instructional supplies, travel, conference registration fees, survey expenses, books, and poster materials.

Your donations to the College’s Greatest Need fund will help us maintain active learning spaces and engaged mentors who serve students as staff and faculty. Every gift you make directly supports Cal Lutheran students.

Please support the College of Arts and Sciences and share your story of how this special place has helped you aim high.

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